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Series One RS Turbo Restoration


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6k would still need work IMO :O


Still spending hours of filling and rubbing down to get a finish I'm happy with in the engine bay, so progress feels very slow to say I've been on it every weekend :cry:



Shaping tools I made for the filler on the inner wing rails, much easier to get the right sort of shape :approve:



Another KG of seam sealer



New grille :)



New front bearings (other set still in the box behind).



New top mounts - no instructions - Do you have to drill the strut towers and bolt these in?



Nice bit of reaction on the putty primer. Great way to finish the day :wall:

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Its paint.


Weld > POR15> Filler > Paint (which I think is the problem > filler primer.


I have tried the cars colour on, and its not reacting, so I'm thinking either barcoate it, or just get the colour on a bit thinker and take it back a bit. :nutter:


I may have missed something or am not getting it but..... In your list above, why have you filler > paint > filler primer?? Why is any form of paint before filler primer? Not having a go you understand :innocent:

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I would use thinners to wipe off the reacted filler primer, I take it the POR15 is a sealer against rust? did you use any etch primer in there? that would help aid adhesion and if the filler primer is Halfords own? personally I would bin it and replace it with a proper high build primer such as upol high build or cheaper alternative indasa high build primer, can guarantee you that primer never reacts and if it does it usually contains the reaction and when you go to sand it down it would be fine!
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Lee, more of a dust coat than anything else so I could see where there was any little bits that needed sorting :)


Yeh PO15R+ the sealer stop the rust. It uses its own special etch primer.

It was autotek filler primer I used.



Rubbed it down today and put a coat of red oxide primer which hadn't reacted, and then put the filler primer ontop with no issues. :)

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