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Smashed window


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This happened to me last October.

I was turning right into a filter lane for the traffic lights ahead. A peugeot 308(?) sport wagon was approaching toward me and moved out to overtake using the filter lane I was turning into.

Narrowly missed a head on but he clipped my wing mirror which smashed my window as it swung round.

I turned the car around and saw somebody had pulled over. When I asked if they saw what happened they had no idea. By that time I wasn't going to try chasing after it, especially with shards of glass flying into my face.

Anyway, it got repaired, new mirror and window and it was sorted.


The aerial shot should give you some idea of how it happened. The road opens up to a dual carriageway (right side) and there is a long straight before the lights (left). This gives plenty of time to build up speed, which that car was certainly carrying, and the temptation to move out too soon!







PS those bump strips are for sale if anybody wants them PM me :D

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