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Turbo V8 Mk2 Cortina

protouring mk6

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car will be my daily once its been to a few shows.


i know what your saying about the turbo but it does not have a bad write up so thought at the price it was worth a dabble. spent about six months looking into turbo set ups and i feel this set up was best for my intended use.


there is also an lpg conversion to be done to make it a bit lighter on the pocket. :thumb:

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thought you might like an update. loads done and its off the jig on its wheels.


evo king. once car has done a few shows it will become my daily driver as for the twin wastegates, why not





hoping to have the engine running very soon.

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thanks for the comments, bonkers it is


lock to lock is the same as a mk4 escort so will be ok as a daliy :)


the front suspension is narrowed like an aircooled vw , this enables the front wheels to turn as normal ( front wheels run 245x30x20 tyres). its been one of the toughest mods to do and still be able to put all the bits in the engine bay. the whole frame sits 5" off the floor so there is plenty of ground clearance and it all sits on coilovers. it is 46" to the top of roof, its low . more soon

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