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If only...........

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Hi fellow Ford fanatics.I have done my best to remember my car history but as i approach 51 next month,I may have missed some.Here goes;1968 corsair 2000E,74 Escort 1100L,1973 Cortina 1600L,1972 Vauxhall Ventora 3.3 piece of shite,1974 Consul 2500,rusty but fun,1970 Cortina 1300 Super,replaced for 1600 lump,even had a Marina 1.8 TC,biggest pile of shite i have ever owned,got through more leaf springs than i care to remember!,1975 MK1 escort 1300L,1971 Capri 1600 GT XLR with a 1600 OHC lump,then bought the MK3 Cortina back with deep button dralon interior!!!.,1974 Datsun 120Y estate,rusty but reliable,1979 Celica ST Liftback,1976 Capri 2000GL with full RS bodykit and stage 2 Scholar engine which ate 2.8i's for breakfast,1975 Granada Ghia,1977 Capri 1600GL,1975 Escort 1300L ,one of the last MK1s,.Then my daughter was born so ARGHHHH, Montego estate,swapped for 1985 Sierra 1600L,1983 Transit twin wheel minibus (loved that van) 1993 Escort 1800 LX diesel estate,1980 Cortina 2000 Ghia,1980 Capri 3000 Ghia with 3.1 spec engine,1986 Capri 1600 Laser,1997 Mondeo 2.5 Ghia X,best car i have ever owned,2003 Fusion cos my daughter was learning to drive,2005 Focus 1600 TDCI Estate,1982 Datsun 280ZX Targa which i sold last year for a 1200 quid profit!!,2009 Pug 308 1.4vtiS which was too good a deal to miss,but i wish i had cos it will be back to a Focus next year,hopefully a 5 door ST(please wife xxxxxxxxxx) and my 1998 Escort 1.8D 55 van.29 vehicles i make that.If only...... I had kept them i would be worth a few quid on Ebay. latas mates.
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Awesome list, got any photos?

To be honest mate I was more interested in driving them round in typical yob style until I got married and would rather spend money on the cars than a camera.I might be able to find some snaps of 3 or 4 of them and post them tomorrow with the van pictures.cheers.Andy

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