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Best Size Tyres For Mondeo 16" Cosworth Style Wheel


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Not sure this has been asked before.... :innocent: :P


195 45 16 or 205 40 16 is the general view :thumb: I run 195 on both of mine, about 60 a corner for Toyo. Much less for ditchfinders :D


Take a look at mytyres.co.uk then get the ones u want off eBay! :cheers:


Im sure there is somebody asking this pretty much every week :nutter:


As hezz said, saying that i ran 205 45 16 on my wheels and i was lowered 30mm :)

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Double D's for a nice hefty handful, dont be tempted by the higher F's....granted they can be fun at first but they can be terribly overwhelming and lack longterm firmness if you intend to see her again....










....... OOOOOOOOOh you said "best" size !!!<slaps own fod>

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