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Xbox One v PS4


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I personally enjoy the Sony Controller the best (I'm not saying it is the best), probably because it was the first one I ever used with a console, the choice is as simple as that for me, play FPS on my PC so the hosted game servers arent a consideration, practically only play FIFA on the console and never played a second hand game so not too bothered about that.


XBOX is better on paper but I'm gonna get PS4, stick to what i'm used to.


My main gripe with consoles in general is the fking load times of game, FIFA loading is painful.

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loading times on both consoles should be reduced to nill now they load in the background (supposedly)


sony are now charging to play online the same as ms and its more expensive than gold as well..

the 2nd hand market i dont know why people are making such a big thing of it as most of the modern games if you wanted to play online and you didnt buy it new you had to pay for anyway and people like game take the Pee with 2nd hand prices sometimes when the difference between new and preowned is about £2.


controllers are a personal choice but ive owned all the previous sony playstations and find the xbox controller much more comfortable to use for long periods. the sony one is just to small imo


xbox has forza thats a good enough reason to own a xbox one right there..

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Shiiiiiiit, Microsoft have dropped a bombshell:




Credit to them though.


and right there.......... Microsoft have shot the shite out the new PS in one swift easy move.


I'm wondering now if Sony will have the balls to try and respond and again go head to head with the monster company and more importantly exactly what they will respond with?..... the most likely is to again try and undercut Xbox in the online play arena (though tbf it didn't exactly put them ontop previously but it did win them back a fair few sales)


either way..........its win win for the buyer!

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