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Google chrome issue


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I use Chrome as my primary browser due mostly to its greater user freindliness in comparison to other browsers, also not in small part due to its adaptability, convenient add-ons, multiple extentions and cusomizable appearance.


up until recently its functioned perfectly, easily outpacing IE in most all catagories, that being the case I felt no need to change anything and have left it alone to happily and speedily do its thing.


Then about 2 days ago it unexpectedly crashed with the now familiar "Whoa google chrome has crashed" pop-up, at first I assumed it was just a rare failure and simply restarted chrome....... shortly after it crashed again..... restart...... crash.......restart.....crash......grrrrrrrr......RESTART...

......FECKIN CRASH...... you get the idea?


Ive added nothing, installed nothing, changed no settings. made no alterations atall.... it just seems to have randomly kicked off??


Ive done a virus scan - no results, no threats


Ive done a malware scan - no results, no threats


the missus uses chrome on her W7 laptop, as does my son on his, also used on the XP media setup in the bedroom.... all of them seem perfectly fine, so wtf is happening with mine?


I followed the advise of google and checked the "download manager" etc etc, made no difference, re-installed, again made no difference.


anyone know whats going on ere?

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I'd uninstall it, run CCleaner to remove all registry traces of it, then reinstall (try putting it somewhere else).

Have you run chkdsk to check for errors on your hard drive? Could be a dodgy sector.



Ill give that a shot, I cant keep using IE8.... its just so bloody dull

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hmmmm chkdsk came back with a shitload of errors in the second stage of its scan.


all thankfully repairable.


ccleaner did its usual job of hunting down all those annoying titbits and squishing them.


re-installed Chrome.


<crosses fingers, toes, eyelashes, arms, legs, pubes and bollix>(that last one was less than pleasant)


so far..... so good!?!?

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