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2015 Mustang


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The biggest difference is that the Mustang has finally adopted independent rear suspension, 30 years after most manufacturers jettisoned live rear axles. Ride quality is improved greatly and the 
front suspension is also redesigned as a result, according to Pericak. The new car sits on 19-inch wheels.


The latest Mustang is lighter and stiffer and its bigger cabin benefits from a major quality upgrade. The double-wing dashboard style of the 1964 and 2004 cars remains. Big dials and aeronautical graphics complete this familiar but 
more sophisticated confection. An eight-inch infotainment touchscreen is located in the centre of the cabin, and will be equipped with navigation software for Europe.


Entirely new to the Mustang is a 305bhp/300lb ft 2.3-litre four-cylinder Ecoboost engine. Pericak claims that it’s “a ton of fun 
to drive, very well balanced 
and rewarding. It sounds powerful and like it belongs 
in a Mustang”.


The 5.0-litre V8 is the carried-over 420bhp/390lb ft Coyote motor and will be upgraded to 500bhp within 18 months. The base 3.7-litre V6, which won’t come to the UK, is unchanged at 305bhp. Ford had planned to ditch this engine but has kept it in the US to keep the Mustang’s base price low.


The six-speed manual and auto transmissions are unaltered, too, which means optional steering-wheel mounted paddles are also retained. A 10-speed automatic is in development, but is still two years away.


While pricing for the new Mustang has yet to be officially revealed, it is expected to cost from around £30,000.





Personally I think the soft top is a better looking car




Source: http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars...ustang-revealed

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Doesn't do it for me



Looks wise hammond summed it up well on top gear, the mustang should have lived fast and died young, instead it got older and progressively fatter and more tired looking.


If someone offered me a mustang from any era Id still opt for a 64-69 fastback or ragtop all day long......dunno why but I always wanted a GT350 since aslong as I can remember.

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RHD?? If not, then it'll flop massively. If so, some buyers may be found.


It says it has "aeronautical inspired gauges" but all i can see on the site is the word "groundspeed MPH" printed above a pretty standard speedo.


Lambos know how to do fancy speedos


Good spot, I didn't notice the Goodwood photo was LHD.


It will be in RHD, that was one of the big re-engineering efforts for the new platform.

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