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What are the flow characteristics like between the i4 manifold and the plastic inlet?

Flow is better than the plastic manifold due to being a more open fluid design like the zetecs with the cast inlet I'm hoping to get a little more throttle response not really power .. Mainly just a talking point on the car








Manfold drilled and tapped to accept the adapter plate




These are the two new holes (red arrows)




These two now line up with two of the original holes in the throttle body (green arrows) the bottom one is an original hole on the manifold




The new hole centre right is for a cap head bolt to hold the right half of the plate down








Throttle body in place two bolts passing through the plate to the manifold the right hand side held down by the cap head and right hand throttle body will be held with bolts and nylon nuts



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Inspected the doors going to want to get replacements .. They all had rust bubbles on the skins and a few bad edges when it went in for the arches doing had all these things sorted but the rust is making a return so now going to be looking out for rust free doors just for my own peace of mind that the rust won't come back again
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