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latest update .. my mate came down to look the shell over saturday .. need to cut a couple of sections from a solid car only little areas but bits that are a bit fiddly .. taking my mondeo for mot Friday should get the price for the escort then and get it booked in

like here gonna going to get a section from the line under the hinge just a couple of patches like this on drivers side



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Nothing much to look at but progressing with removing rust in the engine bay




Gotta keep the dust off doesn't look as bad when the bodywork is clean



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First update for a while looking at the date nearly a year various expenses like a new bathroom a new car needing a new boiler in the house drained the funds for the escort but im pushing now to get it done been working on the engine mostly recently


Finally got 2 spare minutes at work to finish the machining on the inlet adapter plate so i can fit the rs2000 inlet manifold to my zetec various holes needed drilling and tapping and a couple countersinking








it was at this point i test fitted the manifold and it fits perfectly so put the engine in a stand and began to clean it down with degreaser then the head with a stiff brush and some petrol it came up a treat




















Then it was paint time and its really starting to come together now a lot of parts soon destined for the powdercoaters







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