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my non ford project


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picked this up for free gallon of fuel later and jumpleads it started it






its requires

1. tyres all round

2.service and cambelt

3. rear axle which i have

4.couple of bits of surface rust cleaned up

5.2 drop links

6 possibly 2 front shocks

7. brakes cleaned up

8 new battery

9 wing

10 bonnet


i bought this today for the front panels and other little bits it has spax suspesion all round the wheels i have provisionally done a deal for another set of speedline 1.9 wheels







ideally i want the car on road by summer then decide weather to keep it or buy summit else to play with :)

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Love the 205. I'll be watching this one. Get cracking mate!


will do be doing bits and pieces as time comes once i have swapped the bits from the yellow one i will be putting the yellow one up for sale as a rolling shell with running gear if no one buys it i will just strip it and scrap it

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Wish id get a 205 for free lol


it was in ringwood aswell :cheers:


Ffs lol i have access to a car trailer as well! How do i get in on these sweet deals!?!


i heard bout it on facebook :) and the yellow one i picked up of facebook too for not a great deal of money i have already provisonally sold the yellow shell for almost what i paid for it after i have swapped the bits over and taken some bits off it

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