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escort mk6 DRL


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Can't find a thread for it. Don't feel lucky in google either.

So what do i need and where to stick it in on the fusebox to have standard DRL on an Escort mk6? Relay, fuse, diode, busbar etc

I'm with LHD for the record :) here's a photo of my old fusebox for example (few bits are missing, transferred to the new one):



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i'm electritian ant this option is very tempting to do :)
But i want the 'original stuff' and i know for sure that there are 2 or 3 components which must be added at certain places on the fuse box and it works. They are a blue relay (maybe it's with normally closed contacts but i'm not sure), maybe a diode and another thing.

The thing is that a year and a half ago i saw them in a forum, a guy was selling "the kit", bookmarked it but now the thread is gone and i can't remember what were the other things on the photo besides the relay.

The schematics arent very helpful either. Me and some other guys tried to decipher them - in haynes, in TIS, Tolerance and some other programs with schematics, tried different combinations with blue relays and things but no success. You are honored here to be the last hope for the human race to be able to setup factory DRL on Escort :D

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As above there was no DRL. There is a position for a relay to have the headlights on, but that would be different from DRL LED's as it must cut the LED's brightness when the headlamps are on.


Is that legit is it? the LEDs must dim when the dipped beam comes on?


Also, "Daytime Running Lights" dont have to be LEDs, all DRL means is bulbs that come on without physically turning a switch (powered by ignition)


Be those orange corner markers on the Volvo S40/V40 from the late nineties or just the headlights being set to always on like with most volvos made in the last 20 years.


Do motorbike headlights always light up when the bike is on? or is that just a sensible habit of the rider?

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I know the DRL could be a blub as you mentioned. All new cars from 2013 sold in the EU must have some form of DRL that comes on when the ignition/engine started without any lights switched on.

As you mentioned if the LED DRL, it must cut its brightness when dipped beam of headlights is on. If the original poster got a decent kit it usually comes with instructions telling you which wires to splice.

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