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anyone owned/drove a Honda CR-X?


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missus just came back from picking up a motor with her mum and she's pretty much fallen in love with it.


she insists it drives lovely and feels "like the car for her".


she now wants to swap the Saxo out for a CR-X (fine by me if only on a visual principle)


but, I have zero experience with CR-X's so I dont know what Im looking at when buying.


anyone have some experience to share?

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Depends if u mean a crx....or a crx del sol


if we are talkin a real crx. Then get one! A few years back i drove a jdm spec crx si with the 1.6l b16a2. Went like stink and the handling was fantastic. Brilliant cars but like all hondas of that age is rusted like a bitch.


i assume however we are talking about the later crx/civic del sol which are super girly lol they are great fun to drive however and can be had for a decent price. Majority are fitted with either 1.5 or 1.6l d series vtec-e engines which are great on fuel at lower rpm. And gave plenty of power when they kick into 16 valve mode. They run on 12 valves until u hit the manage 4700rpm. I would check mainly for rust. The softops arent great and are prone to leaking. Engine wise dont be put off by high mileage as the d series engines are bulletproof. Driveshafts are a bit on the weak side and i have changed them on more hondas than i have lower arms on fords!


Imho the auto box is a big waste of the car but they do seam to be more common. Saying that they are smooth on a gear changes considering most autos of that era were pretty pish lol


im pretty big on my hondas and have quite a lot of experience with the 90s stuff. After the 90s jap cars seemed to lose their way a bit imo

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She mentioned it being a removable top so I assume she meant the Del Sol one.


Im surprised though, she was quite adamant about having rear seats when I suggested picking her up a mx5 and those Del Sol's are two seaters aernt they?

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might let her have it then, I actually trawled through a few google pics and though Ive came across them Ive never really gave them much thought (not had use for a two seater, roadster type).


they look a bit quirky but generally I quite like the overall look and with the bog standard 1500 I doubt she'll be breaking and landspeeds anytime soon.

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