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Need to bypass immobiliser, please help


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Hello all.

Ok, the story goes like this. I have had Escort RS2000 which has internal PATS module. One day I had accident with it (not by my fault) and the damage was too big to fix it.

So I bought another Escort which does not have PATS at all, so logically, it does not have required internal loom, as the loom for code reader is not the only one required for immobiliser to funtion properly.

So, few days before I started moving RS engine to my current car. Job is almost done, but i will have problems with PATS. I would have to move complete interior loom from RS car to my current one, but honestly, that's too much job, and I do not have enough time to do it, as the engine is being replaced at my friend's garage. I have done it once, and I would need one day to do that, but both cars need to be moved tommorow.

Here are the pictures after it got wrecked:

Here is the picture of the wrecked Escort RS from which i had taken the engine out:

And here is my current car with RS engine in it:

So, could you please help me, and send me the procedure how can I bypass original Ford immobiliser/PATS module? You can PM me, if You dont want another people see it, but please help.

Thank you in advance!

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Whether sorted or not; if both cars are Rs2000's, surely just fit engine into car without PATs and once all connected, it would start ?


Would only become a problem if new car is not a Rs2000.


I would of thought a PATs Rs2000 engine would fit in to a non PATs Rs2000 without issues, unless there's variation within the wiring loom.


The PATs is either an indipendant module or incorporated within the ECU and not part of the engine.

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