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Back in an escort!


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Blast from the past!


Back in an escort! All be it an oldskool one!




Just like my old one i had years ago!


Bit of a project! Needs a little tlc but is a great runner and interior is amazing! Engine is chipped and running a healthy 170bhp


More pics as i get them! And when i rebuild it!



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Cheers chaps!


Not a daily driver so will be kept mint, few more pics of interior which is original and in great condition with no rips or tears, and also the engine bay! Currently getting chrome parts for it! Got a chrome inlet manifold to go on and enlarged throttle body so soon will be sorted!


Have an airtec intercooler fitted with 2 new fans which sit behind it on the rad, keeps the temps down well as these run well hot!









Going to be taking bumpers and side skirts and spoiler off to see how it is underneath, may have a respray if it requires it!


Cheers si



Had a dumpvalve and odd hoses on it but taken these off! Old age made me hate the noise! But runs so much better without it!

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