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Ford fair


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Nnnnnnnoooooooooo lee. You can do this!



Lee pull ya finger out and get the car there, I want to see it!


lol Ive already messaged stuart about it. Besides not finishing (still waiting on a delivery of bits) I havnt got the money to actually put the car on the road at the moment. To the extent that even if it were finished, I still couldnt afford to run it yet! Never mind, it wont be too long before its done and running. Just have to be a little bit more patient.

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My mate with the ST came round last night to tell me he is putting his motor on the STOC stand.

He also happened to mention he hadn't actually received our tickets through the post yet!!!!

I think that might be cutting it a little bit fine.

Why isn't anything straight forward anymore??

It has been at least a couple of months since he paid for them.

Hopefully still see you lot Sunday.

(At least last years club T shirt is still respectable)

Regards Andy

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Was debating to try the track myself but when its your own car, you don't really want to hurt it!! :ninja:  

co op scooby? like it

Make tea not war every body :huh:  :drunk:  :drunk:


You have to watch out for the drivers with no experience (even if you are one) and check your mirrors ALOT.

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