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Help Needed 1.6 zetec ignition problem! missed ford fair :(


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Hi, im new here so forgive me if ive posted in the wrong section


im looking for some advice, this is long ,but any help would be greatly appreciated 


-98' s reg mk6 escort 1.6 zetec 60k miles


-last week on the way back from work the car stalled ,restarted, but was not firing on cylinder number 2, confirmed this by removing plug lead with no difference. no warning lights.


-with just under a mile to go i decided to carry on, car continued for id say 200m then cut out dead again, but this time coughed and spluttered and refused to start, 


-towed back 


- when home, car started but this time was only running on 2 cylinders ,stalled after 5-10 seconds 


-cylinders 2 & 3 had no spark , 4 had strong spark and 1 was quite weak in comparison, i thought this could been caused by the coil pack breaking down being 2&3 are paired on the same 'coil' 


-checked fuses 


- no OBD11/EOBD reader fault codes present, could not connect 


- tested leads and inspected plugs, looked as if its running rich so i think its getting plenty of juice 


brought 2 coil packs from scrap yard, fitted with no difference on either


brought new after market coil pack no difference 

- checked coil packs for resistance, original dead on tower 2 & 3


checked wiring loom from ecu back to:

crank pos. sensor, MAF , coil pack connector , for continuity ,no probs 


-car started , running on 2 , cut out, 


- started tracing wires from the ecu in the passenger footwell again just to be sure 


- ecu was RED hot , too hot to touch, since then car has no spark on any cylinders , could have been getting hot before but never checked



could these be symptoms of the coil drivers being burnt out in the ecu , after orignal coilpack failure ?


Am i barking up completely the wrong tree?


any ideas, help would be highly appreciated

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