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any st170 people with cat back recommendations ?


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hi guys


i own an st170


mods are


67mm throttle body

180 degree thermostat 

10 mm ht leads

ebiak suspension

engine dog bone stabiliser mount

gear stick extension

clutch masters fx250 clutch

clutch masters aluminium fly wheel

aem cold air intake

motorcraft copper plugs, 

aem wideband air fuel ratio 

sct custom tune 

shell v power gas


Im getting some more tuning done, and my tuner said that i would benefit from a high flow sports cat, and bigger flex pipe


and a lager 2.5 cat back exhaust, but im really stuck on witch exhaust to choose, 


i  do alot of early morning driving, so i want it as quiet as possible, also, im 29 and ive gone past the stage of wanting race car noise


can anyone recommend an exhaust system that goes well on the st170


i like borla, but its pricy, and only available in the states


any help appreciated 



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