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Ecu problems


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I have swapped my 1.8 si engine out for a 1.8 130bhp, and i have the correct ecu for the new engine and it has had the pax code removed(checked at ford) so it doesnt need to have a key matched to the ecu, but it will not run ..lights come on the dash but the engine will not turn over and the i cant here the fuel pump prime.

but the engine will run on the old ecu...very lumpy and it doesnt like it very much.


Any ideas as its driving me crazy.


cheers Simon.

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yes what year is the car? And what are the 2 ECU names (4 letter word)


If you have a PATS car and you're trying to fit a NON PATS ECU to it you need to follow the "how to wire in a 2.0 ECU" guide in the how to section as non PATS ECUs from earlier zetecs are all wired differently and wont start if not altered.

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