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cracked engine-to-gearbox "ear" for the bolt


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Hi there,

so recently i found mk2 Mondeo automatic with silvertop engine and 76500km on the clock which is ~47,5k miles. Been driven by woman, maybe hit animal, lost control and rolled.

The whole bellhousing of the gearbox is cracked and it rests on the flywheel and engine ears (through which the bolts go through to bolt on the bellhousing) are all fine except one - the one under the starter.

The question is - how much of a problem will this be? The engine will go in Escort mk6 with diesel MTX gearbox.
Here are example pics:


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well its a cast iron block so I presume the only way to fix the crack is to get it welded up.


but seeing that the car rolled you stripping the engine back as no doubt all the fluids got in anywhere and everywhere possible

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could maybe do what i have done when banger racing and remove the bit of tin that fits between the engine and gearbox and use it as a template to cut a 2 mm  thick plate to replace it then brace the damaged bolt hole  back to a spare bolt hole on the block using some 5mm  flat bar 

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