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audi 1.8T pistons in zetec 1.8 turbo


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So after all i've decided to abandon 2.0 conversion and turbo in the escort so i'll use my own 1.8 RKC engine to go turbo. For the purpose i'll use audi 1.8T pistons but as far as i read there are several types depending on the engine type and year they were in. The least thats bothering is that their piston to conrod pin size varies between 19 and 21mm, but if i were to use LET or XE pistons in 2.0 zetec i'd have to redrill the rods to 21mm anyway.

So the main things i'd like to know are which pistons give what CR and what modifications if any are necessary to the piston skirt. Obviously big part of the question is for the audi forum but i hope that someone here has done this conversion or at least has more info to share.

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