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creacked my screen


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more trouble than its worth for a near on useless result.


Ive had two escorts with that specific optional extra and you'd be better off trying to defrost your windscreen with a lighter on a cold morning.....itll take as long and use alot less fuel.

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both my previous focus's had decent HS's too, I couldnt fault them.


but the escort ones were just near as dammit useless.


the big snowfall a few years back I tried using my Si's HS to clear my window of the frost under the snow and half an hour later all it had accomplished was a small 1cm border all around the edge and I STILL had to dig my scraper out. :rolleyes:


My ST's screen could clear off a good frost layer in 10-15mins max.


I honestly dont know why anyone would waste there time adding it to a escort.

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