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Wanted a few bits for my mk5 xr3i


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Hi all, I'm new to the club & the car, I'm just wanting a few bits to get me started on getting the car back to a good standard, first of all I'd like all the badgering of the back end if anyone's breaking an xr3i?

Secondly id like a set of original alloys either the mk5 xr3i alloys or the rs200 if any are going cheap

I'm sure the'll be more stuff I'm needing but tht will do for now :)

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I have badges, they are a couple of years old but look brand new. Also breaking mk5 xr3i but not eBay's anything yet due to house move so let me know if you need anything

Im needing the ford oval badge, the escort xr3i badge & I believe there's a 16v badge on the back 2? How much would you want for them posted?

Also do you have the alloys?

Where abouts are you located btw?

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