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rs2000 mk5 4x4 coilover suspension kit?


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Does anyone know if these were made?


I would like a lower and firmer ride on my rs2000 4x4 mk5.



I found these, http://www.corbymotorsport.com/escort-mk5-rs2000-4x4-gaz-coilover-conversion-kit-p-8279.html iassume these are the right fit?


Also seen these but not sure if they can be used for road use? http://gazcoilovers.com/escort-mk5-rs2000-4x4-gaz-gold-circuit-motorsport-coilover-kit-p-251.html


I live in norway so i have a left hand rs2000 4x4 will this be an issue?

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Think the gaz ones will be fine as a mate of mine had them fitted to his, also I think the brakes may be able to take the st170 front disc mondeo caliper conversion like a mk6? Will need looking into though hope this helps


Thats great, il grab a set then! 

Are the wheel dimensions on the st170 the same or will i have to get new alloys?

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Need minimum 16 inch alloys for the brakes that's what I had on my mk6 makes brakes snug fit



This may help you, one tip is take a thread or two off the end of the mondeo bolts as they are too long and will catch disc

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