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Back in a Ford!


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To update on both:


635csi - Sold for a massive loss tbh. Renewed all the brakes and most of the suspension before tackling the day-to-day stuff like the A/C and interior. The price to fix those and the bodywork were insane. Who'd have thought that getting parts for a 30 year old German motor in the US might be costly?


Mustang - Put a V8 exhaust and front brakes on it, new rubber too. Hoping to get a V8 or facelift V6 (which has 100bhp more than this one) once the insurance settlement is sorted. Also looking at Challengers but the base models (my price range) are horrible inside. Will post a thread of the next motor if anyone still reads this site, lol.

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So the stang was written off?? Gutted What happened? Hope insurance is paying you a decent whack?

Said it before mate.. proper jealous of you being out there.. something I'd love to do.. dunno how I'd cope without the focus tho! Apparently the pfl focus is illegal due to emissions over the pond??

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Yeah mate (how's you btw?). A Mexican lad came out of a shopping centre into the side of me. No real drama, he admitted fault, there was a witness and he was thankfully insured.


First proper crash involving someone else and I was SEETHING tbh. The missus dealt with most of it as I knew it was a write off as soon as I saw it and was fizzing. I'd had quotes for shipping it home. I was quite attached. Some dumb B*stard takes away something you love in one second. Folk go through worse though and there were no injuries, so got to look at it that way one you calm down.


Insurance have offered me something, which is fair in a way, these cars are ten-a-penny here and it's 10 years old, but there's no way the offer could buy my car. We'll see how that goes over the next week or so.


There's a free room here if you fancy a visit, Marshy :D I think they didn't allow your ST, but they seem to have an efficient version out now. I dunno, they seem like Nazis with turbo cars but encourage 6.0 trucks.

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