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New Year, New Orion, can't wait for FF 2015

Lawrence Selly

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Hey everyone :) 


I hope you have all had a great new year, and a good start. I'm going to mooch through the projects section to see how your all getting on. 


I've sold my Red 1.8i Orion, and bought a new White Ghia Si :D 


It's got a lot more problems than the red one, but I will work through them when I can. I've got a big commute to work (Little Hereford to Coventry each day & back) so its hard trying to get a weekend free.






Project ideas are welcome :) 


So far my plans are.


Polybushed all over (bushes need doing so its time)

New wishbones

Lowered 30mm (I'm wondering how to do this, as its a daily driver so I need it to not be harsh, so no coilovers)

Touch-up respray (little chips and orange mould coming through)

Need to weld on a new set of Sills as mine have jacking marks and curb dents in them.


New tyres (what are your opinions for 185-60/R14 fast road / occasional track use) ? ? ? 


I also plan to learn to weld so I can put a new set of front wings on. :D 


Also if I take a part off (beams, brackets, ect) I will strip, powdercoat, and underseal before putting it back on.


Oh! and I bought a polishing wheel :D going to make everything shiney ^^ 




Is EscortEvo getting a club stand at FF2015? if so, where do I sign up?

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I was also thinking of an ST170 bottom end conversion + 130 head and cams + port + polish + decat + exhaust system. 


got to get my workshop up though, and my new drive.

and i found out today that my rear wheel bearings are almost dead :@

to eBay ^^

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