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RS2000 4x4 MK6 rear shock-absorber


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I write you from Russia and I hope for the help. In advance I ask to forgive me for bad knowledge of language, I use the translator. 


I had a problem. Escort RS2000 4x4 of 1995. I can't find rear shock-absorbers. Original number which I on them saw - 95AB-18K076-FA from Motorcraft. 

Rear shock-absorbers are similar to forward shock-absorbers and are clamped in knuckle by one bolt. 

On front part of a pipe of the shock-absorber there is a fastening under a brake tube. 

Actually, from forward shock-absorbers they differ only long a rod and cup width for a spring. 

I will be very grateful if you help me and prompt other original number of this shock-absorber or number of the similar not original spare part. Original shock-absorber with my number aren't present even under the order, and according to catalogs or for 4x4 anything isn't present, or shows the wrong analog of my shock-absorber. 

I will be very grateful for any help.

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Nice to here there's at least one RS2000 in Russia, especially the ultra rare 4x4.


I found this one from Spax but the price is very high and you'd need a pair otherwise so that £300.  If price isn't a big concern it may be worth contacting them and asking if they can offer a kit for the car which should worked out better value than buying parts individually.






Hopefully someone else can something lower price.

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Thanks a lot! Already I thought that never even I will find analogs. 

£300 of course are a lot of, but for Russia it, I would tell, even it is humane. The price approximately same what want for the original shock-absorber for Escort.


I will try to contact SPAX, but also I will continue of course searches of other analogs. 

Thanks once again.

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