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Escort GTI Red 3dr Modified BREAKING


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As above guys just got this in for breaking pm' me for prices and parts availability but to start off

Bonnet - £30
Tailgate - £50 complete
Doors - £30 Each
Gearbox - £50

Front Bumper - SOLD

Wheels - SOLD

Rear Bumper (inc spats) - SOLD
Skirts - SOLD
Chrome Grill - SOLD
Rear Chrome Number Plate Surround - SOLD 

Stainless with brand new cat/downpipe - pm for price

Ap Coilovers - pm for price
Escort Cosworth Rear 1/4 opening windows - pm for price
Sunroof deflector (rare as hens teeth) I know this as a mate of mine spent ages looking for one lol - pm for price
Custom Rear Shelf - pm for price
LED Rear Lights - pm for price
Momo Handbrake Cover - pm for price
Momo Gearnob - pm for price


Also has some engine bay bling from the car which starts on ebay this evening I will post the link up when active  :thumb:

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cheers for the doors. the n/s sits about 3mm too far forward and just catches on the wing......be fine after some slide hammer action...but makes me wonder about hinge positions again.

I have had this on mine, I have bought 2 doors and both have been set too far back and hitting the rear quarter. I have adjusted the pins a little by filing them off to push the door further forward. Car is a 1995 Mk6 so there must have been a difference within the mk6 year run

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