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Mk5 rs in to mk6 wiring


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Hi people looking for some advice ,

I'm in the middle of putting an rs mk5 lump in to a mk6 escort

(Build thread coming soon)


My question is about the wiring loom , and I can't seem to find a straight answer on here or anywhere on the web ,


Do I have to change the complete loom?


Or can I just change the ecu loom , engine loom and dash loom ?


Any help would be greatly appreciated :) thanks

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Using OMEX management on my MK6 which has it's own loom, just had to splice in power,  fuel pump relay and the output for the rev counter.  I'd assume you'd only need to do the same with the RS loom.  You might be able to just plug in the ECU straight into the existing loom and just change any plugs that may differ between the I4 and Zetec setup.

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