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New on road project

Blair Thomson

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Done a deal for my broken down recovery truck


Seen it scooting around locally

It's an encore shell with 46k miles but has had an rs2000 conversion




Body kit


Basically a good car but needs a set of engine mounts and a front bumper

Needs a good tidy up

Detinting of lights

Removing the sunstrip

Needs locks refitted after someone de locked it

And a set of rs2000 16v badges



Engine wise it's strong uses very little to no oil

Had been cammed and chipped

Full stainless with decat may not be staying would rather it was a bit quieter


And have an annoying water leak in the drivers side footwells


Any opinions welcomed :)

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It's in fair condition not a mint car by any stretch of the imagination

But it's an escort and it's fun


Considered putting it back to basic spec

Standard bumpers

No skirts

Widened steel wheels

But leave the engine and no for a bit of a sleeper


Anyone have any pics of escorts on banded steel wheels

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RE: the water leak.


Remove the arch liner and check the bung in the wiring loom is in properly and has no splits in it.


Have a silver Finesse here, everything is currently standard in appearance but has a 2 litre blacktop an d 45mm ITB's.  I've been thinking of steel wheels too.  I found that you can get Citron C4/DS4 16x7 4x108 steels with an et32 offset.  I plan to get some when I find a second hand set for the write price.


Found them brand new here too.


http://www.oponeo.co.uk/steel-wheel/alcar-kfz-9337?origin=prodlisting&gclid=CKqS_tSk3cMCFesBwwod348ARw £49 each




http://www.oponeo.co.uk/steel-wheel/kronprinz-steel-rim-ps-516016£45 each.

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