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Yeap another one


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Hi Guy's & Girls.



well like most on here, just to say farewell, its been a blast, but I wont be renewing, my subs this year, thanks to one and all for the banter, and the advise, and you all take care, I think my subs are due in April, so here until then, adios amigos

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Who's this guy? ?(

Only you sid, have you got the dungarees, straw hat, and a bit of straw hanging out of you mouth yet, you good old southern boy, you......you...............you confederate you :roll:


You know you dont have to pay subs to post right?????? I only paid once in 10 years, and that one year of paying wasn't earth shattering

yes I know Craig, but lets face it, the place is dead, I only log on these days on the off chance that something interesting is going on ...fat chance of that


<sniff sniff>


.........it might be........... tried odoureaters?


oooohhh how I will miss you Shaw :kill:  :roll:

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