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hi guys I'm new here and I really need some help.... I have a mk5 1.6 escort finesse and the engine in it has issues so I have decided I am just going to put the 2ltr in it, I need to know how easy it is and all the mountings and stuff the same? Is it litterally one out and one in or? Any input or help would be much appreciated, cheers guys
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Take the 1600 out.


Swap everything over to the 2l. Including oil pick up. Sump. Water pump.


You can use either plastic inlet or cast ho it doesnt matter.


2l uses mtx gearbox where as 1.6 uses ib5 so the clutch and flywheel will have to be transferred also.


Mounts are identical. Just a case of wiring in the 2l ecu then

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The inlet will need to be changed im afraid. Although they look the same, the 1.6 inlet is waaaaay smaller inside.


A 1.8 plastic inlet from an escort will be easy enough to find and will work no problems.


When i say everything i mean all the ancilliaries currently bolted to your 1.6.


As i said. The clutch and flywheel will have to be swapped to the new engine. Water pump. Oil pickup pipe and sump.


Take it all off your 1.6 and fit it to the 2l. It will all fit without any problems.


Changing the engine may seem like a daunting prospect but trust me. Its way easier than you would think.

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This is taken from the 'How-To' section of the forums


1.6/1.8 zetec - 2.0 zetec
One of the most popular swaps due to how easy it is and it gives you the power you would've expected the GTi's to have had [136ps]. Although I did my 1st 2l conversion without any prior experience in stripping engines, I wouldnt advise it to anyone who isn't completely confident with what they're doing. I personally had the 'timing belt fear' but as long as everythings marked and instructions followed its relatively easy and very straight forward - albeit time consuming.

Parts needed
2.0 zetec [silvertop] engine - from mk1 mondeo.
new cam belt kit (optional[advised])
escort water pump - either from an old 1.6/1.8 engine, or a new one [advised]
escort oil pump (optional[advised]) - you can use the mondeo one along with a smaller oil filter but you may have clearance issues due to the angle the mondeo pump comes out at. [new one advised]
escort/fiesta zetec sump and oil pick up.
escort/fiesta zetec manifolds.
2l pre pats ECU (early mk1 mondeo).
escort/fiesta zetec flywheel and crank sensor.

Other info
You may as well use new bits while you have everything off. You can keep your own gearbox and pretty much everything else from your existing setup inc radiator, pipework and loom (although the ECU wires need a little modifying, theres a how to guide in the forum)

You can get a 2l engine for around the same price as a 1.8 (£150), after this its pretty much up to yourself how much it costs. i always use parts from the local motor factors rather than ford parts and i very rarely have problems. All in, including all the parts ive listed above as [advised], expect this conversion to cost circa £350 if you do it all yourself and buy motor factors parts.

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