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Sony CDX-GT414U Headunit


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Hi all,


long time no post, I might as well see if anyone can give my Sony headunit a good home now both my escort and mondeo have gone to the scrap heap in the sky.


It was in my mondeo so comes with the cage which you may be able to use on the escorts (not 100% on that), I've got a Hyundai I10 now, so I can't be bothered trying to install it.


It's this unit, I never had any problems with it. You can put a memory stick in it and it'll play CD's with mp3 files on and comes with a small remote control (which i don't think I ever used)


This is it:





(Not my youtube video by the way)


The latch on the plastic carry case broke off, so you can't shut it but bar that it's fine.


If anyone is really interested, I'll get some photo's of it up.


Not sure what to ask for it, 25 delivered?

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