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Goodbye my old friend.


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Well the time has come to say goodbye to my old friend of 8 years and all escorts.

My si is my last and I put it to sleep today.

Its been a pleasure owning this car but I've got to let it go it's been a hard choice to make.

The pain of stripping it down today was hard but it had to be done.

I've learned a lot working on this car and from you guys and I have no idea what I'm gonna replace it with I may keep its ecu in a glass jar like a brain lol. I'll always love the ford escort but I won't be getting another one I've 13 I think that's enough and hopefully it will keep other escorts on the road.

I want to say thanks for the advise and support you all showed me in my build thread and wish you all the luck with your projects thanks guys.

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Sad to hear of another death in the family!! :(  But hopefully you're be contributing to keeping my two on the road, even though the estate is off-road for some major TLC at the moment, the van is still used daily for work & going strong!! :thumb: Dyl

PS emailed re springs!

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Well most of the bits have gone now apart from the bodykit and the shell was laid to rest

But on a plus side it's helped other projects

The springs have gone into a van

The seat have gone in another van (theme going on here)

The engine is going into a fiesta mk2

Exhaust has gone onto a seat Ibiza

Fiesta mike has the headlights, steering wheel and gear knob

And the alloys are going on a xr3i

So not all bad news

With the funds raised I've managed to do a deal on a 1.6 3 door which I should be picking up next week hopefully

So another thread coming soon (with just me working on it this time)

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