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Rs2000 4x4

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Was doing a bit of searching and found this "N408 PTA (police car) Diamond White" listsed as an RS2000 4x4  over at the RSOC http://www.rsownersclub.co.uk/rsocbb/showthread.php?t=115876see post 12.  Maybe that's the car you have.


I also found this http://www.escortevolution.co.uk/forums/topic/50596-4x4-track-car/No idea if it was N408 PTA or another car since there isn't any details about the car's colour or reg and any other posts he made about it don't seem to be available to view through his profile.


So if your car is the one sold here in 2005 then it's not got the original running gear since rs1600i apparantly kept that for another project.


I thinks it worth getting in contact with the RSOC to see if they know more about the history of this car.


An RS2000 4x4 is always worth restoring if the shell is not to far gone since only about 500 were made and there can't be that many left by now.

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Thanks for that mate mines N409 PTA. I will have to do some digging about it ,, the car was stored in a barn for 10 years then left on a drive for a further 2 years it's got all the original running gear the bloke I got the car off had been buying new parts but never got round to doing it , I've got new doors boot discs pads exhaust sills etc I just need to locate some new inner sills then I can make a start on it thanks for your help
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I own N408PTA they were both stable mates with the Devon and Cornwall force both non sunroof. Just completed a full nut and bolt rebuild I would hope you will try and restore as they will become rare in time.

Ps you will be extremely lucky to find the inner sills ford don't stock, no pattern parts and most of the sections in scrap yards will also be rotten.

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