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Helllooooooooo!!! and long time no speak!


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Mykez69 was around my house the other day and was chatting about old times etc and i realized that i haven't been on here in ages!!!!!!!! Then i decide to come back on and to my amazement iam not the only one to have thought this recently ie knightrider etc etc ..well if any one does remember me it would probably be from the Gti i built many moons ago and meets/ shows i attended, it wasn't until just now i decided to see if it was still alive but appears that it may have met its maker a while back as its not had mot or tax for around two years ( unless some one knows better reg was R744 YAN ) any way i have since brought my first home been through messy break ups etc basically the general crap that life throws at you, but still kept my toys !! I still have a ford but its not an escort ...its cortina thats my pride and joy and i have spent many hours rebuilding it ..and yep there is probably many hours left to go also!! i still have my clio sport tucked away that i sold my escort for all those years ago and my daily driver is now a Mitsubishi GTO MR SV and is one of a limited run of only 300 22 years ago and as far as iam aware is the only one of its model on the road in the uk ! any way thats enough about me how is every body else!!???


A couple of my old gti













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