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omex 600


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I've already been using throttle bodies lol.


I'm looking to change my ecu and loom to the omex600 unit and a bespoke loom.


I am wanting to get a rid of a lot of the original ford wiring.


Any chance you could show me pics of the loom attached to the ecu and bay pictures? Cheers!

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You only need to splice 3 wires (or 2 if a rev counter isn't important) into the standard loom to get it up running.  The power input for the Omex connects to pin 57 (orange), fuel relay to pin 53 (blue + White) and dash output (rev counter) connect to pin 4 (blue + yellow).  The colours refer to those of the Ford loom.  The Omex loom should have little yellow labels to say what the function is.


If you leave the standard ECU in make sure to cut the connection between the ECU multiplug and where you spliced the Omex loom in otherwise Ford ECU interferes with the signal and you won't get a a reading on the rev counter.






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60 pin 3 row connector here.


I'd just remove all that unnecessary wiring in the engine bay, the rest is pretty much hidden,including the the EEC-IV multiplug, with the trim in place.  Otherwise it sounds like a lot of work since I'm sure a lot of the wiring goes behind the dashbaord.


I would also recommend leaving the Omex 600 where it's easily accessible.  Being able to remove it overnight is a great security feature.

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