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Hi to all and some advice if poss?

James Hockley

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Hi All


Ive recently acquired a 1991 Mk5 Cab. I have some experience with cars having built kit cars etc in the past along with modding others.


Im trying to decide whether to keep the car as a project or sell it. Could someone give me an idea of its value?


1.6l with 71k on the clock. It has been sat in a barn at my father in laws for at least 10 years and hasn't been touched. The roof doesn't close properly (about 1/2 inch short). Oil looks to be in good nick and short of a very good valet its a nice car with zero rust anywhere although i suspect tyres will be needed.


Im undecided whether to create a Cossy rep or let it go....








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Keep it standard, it will be worth more in the long run.  Rust free examles which have never been welded or painted will be the most sought after in years to come so I'd recommend hanging on to it as long as possible provided there's no urgent reason to sell or replace it.


Don't forget to post some nice photos once you've given it a good valet.

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