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Hi Guys, is there anywhere people would recommend to have work done on a escort? 


I kind of want a one stop shop as i have plenty of welding on the sills, rear arches, some spots on the floor and around the windshield. Ideally a full cage all welded in and webbed to the pillars. I also have  a 2.0 zetec to fit (still not sure of what route of tuning i want to go down ?( ) also have a st170 engine and box i am still debating on trying to fit. plus all the other odds and sods.  

I really want the welding neat, i just don't trust myself or any ol bod to do it and it comes out like pigeon sh!t, i have had my escort for 7 coming on 8 years i think, and it is my baby :wub: , even though it has just sat on the driveway for 5 years doing nothing ;( .

Im not planing on getting rid of it, ever! so i want to do it right from ground up :roll: .


Anyone had any dealings with MDA? they are about the only people i know of that have a good knowledge on escorts.


cheers chaps :thumb:  

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