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mondy 2.0 low miler


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So it's a Mk2 with a block top then.  Not sure about here but there's threads on FEOC about fitting a black top zetec into an Escort.


I'm assuming the current engine is a diesel and that's why you want to replace the tank.  The only difference I can see between the diesel and petrol versions of the escort van tank seems to be the aperture for the sender unit is bigger on the on the petrol version to accommodate the in tank pump.


You could hack up the Mondeo petrol tank and the van's diesel tank so that you can fit the Mondeo fuel pump or you could get a petrol version of the van tank which may require an Escort fuel pump.  It's worth checking if the Mondeo pump will fit an Escort tank first, well that's if you don't get a used tank with the pump still fitted.


Obviously if you go down the route of cutting and welding tanks, make sure remove the pump and flush all traces of fuel first.


Diesel version.

Petrol version.


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