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Anyone have any past information on my car R608 EDX


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Hi everyone im a newbie on here and iam looking for anyone who has any past information about my escort, I originally bought it back in November 2013 from Brighton it needed a bit of tidying up. I spent a lot of money on tidying it up and regrettably sold it....

until the day my mate tagged me in it for sale on fb and I actually bought it back off the same guy I sold it too 18 months before hand...


But unfortunately it had been given absolute death in every department the poor thing was haggard and all my hard work had been undone and it was back to its chavy looking banged out escort cosworth rep stage again... So as of October last year since I bought it back I've got back to it and bit the bullet and in feb I sent it for a full restoration including full respray new turbo new inner and outer sills welding electrics sorted and im still in progress of doing it bit by bit now I have full photos of what it looked like when I bought it back, when I had it before I sold it and unfortunately what it looks like now.... but the resto is so nearly finished I would add pics I have them saved to my desktop and im unsure how to get them on here sorry but thanks in advance Aston

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