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Converting a ZVH engine with DCOM to ommex throttle boddies


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My Ford Orion current has a ZVH engine with DCOM carbs and a standard Distributor.

I am looking at the feasibility of fitting the Omex TBs and 600 series management as I am fed up with the carbs leaking and setting up and the struggle with emissions.

It would appear this is the best option:


I am aware that I shall need to fit a high pressure fuel pump and swirl pump.

The part that concerns me is the trigger wheel and crank position sensor.

My current flywheel has no facility for a CPS.

I have seen some ZVH installations with a trigger wheel and CPS sensor mounted on the cam pulley, but it seems that the crank pulley is the ideal location for this.

Does anybody know of any companies that perhaps have modified the bottom pulley for the trigger wheel and sensor or a company that would be prepared to fabricate something?

will this work with a ZVH? http://www.burtonpower.com/weber-cra...99902-956.html

I understand the other option is to fit a 220mm zetec 1.8 flywheel or EFi CVH flywheel which has the pickup for the CPS, with the bolt holes enlarged to 11mm. Is this an option with the Omex? What CPS do I require, the Omex one or the standard one?

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Which flywheel are you using? The zetec block has a hole for mounting a CPS. Would it not just be a better idea to fit an OEM 36-1 flywheel and sensor package which you know will be reliable rather than bodging some aftermarket/homebrew solution?


The Burton trigger wheel kit is for a CVH pulley, not Zetec.

Also, the ZVH engines you've seen with a trigger on the cam pulley is most likely for engine phase, not crank position. You will need this if you intend to run the ECU in sequential fuelling mode (as well as a crank trigger).

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Thank you for your reply. Indeed, I rather short-sightedly fitted a flywheel from a non-EFi escort and enlarged the bolt holes to 11mm to fit on the 2l zetec crank.


I agree that the best solution would be to fit a flywheel that has the required pickup. I assume I have either use a CVH Escort/Fiest flywheel that has EFi and enlarge the bolt holes to 11mm or use a 1.8 zetec flywheel. Am I looking for something like this? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ESCORT-RS-TURBO-EFI-FIESTA-RS-TURBO-ZVH-ZETEC-TURBO-220MM-EFI-FLYWHEEL-/281994696675?hash=item41a83197e3:g:6QUAAOSwtUtXBSQG


Indeed, my car still has the 2l zetec CPS in it. Would this work with the flywheels above and the Omex?

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