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Some of you might remember, some of you not. Used to post on here a bit, but seems very quiet these days.


Guess Escorts aren't very popular anymore. Rather worryingly, I still have three! A '94 Equipe, a '91 RS2000 stage rally car, and a '96 RS2000 F2 rally car.


I've also got a Clio 172 Cup and a Golf R which is my daily. Five cars is probably too many but you only live once...

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I remember massivewangers! I've seen ur mk6 online somewhere I'm sure, are u restoring it?


Yes still active on a passionford and the RS2000 forum. Currently rebuilding both my RS2000 rally cars, the yellow one in my avatar and an ex-works F2 car.


Were you also on FEOC in the past too?


The Escorts aren't so popular now since so many have been thrashed or rotted away and I'm sure the scrappage scheme to a lot of the well looked after garaged (but not enthusiast owned) out of.


I was indeed but I think that has all but died.


You're not wrong. Was chatting to someone the other day and the offers he's had for one of his RS2000s are pretty frightening given how cheap they were a few years ago. Makes me wish I'd kept my little 1.4 Equipe standard now, won't be many left now. In fact, I just had a look on howmanyleft.co.uk and there are only 58 on the road, 37 SORN, definitely getting rare!

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