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Escort Station mk6 engine swap choices


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Hello Ford enthusiasts!


There is a Ford Escort Station that is quite special to me, due to it being the car of my childhood, while also being the 1st car I EVER drove.


It very recently got its engine totaled. Rotten head gaskets, along some other rotten components, caused the temperature to rise incredibly, leading to a stuck engine.


The car belongs to my uncle, who will store the car for me, until I can take ownership of the car.


The engine block is pretty much dead, no point in repairing it, so I am thinking about doing an engine swap, or simply buy the same engine, the 1.8 TD Endurade. 


I really need some help, what should I do? Since money is kind of tight, I do have a place where I can work on the car, along a group of mechanic friends.


Also, I live in Portugal, it might be an important information, or not.


Thank you,



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