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ecu quicky

Mad Mexico

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Hi chaps


Had a quick search but haven't properly found the answer to my question yet.


When it comes to running a 2.0 will a pre pats rs1800 ecu do the job for the time being and will it be a case of plugging straight in without having to change any of the pins?


Don't seem to here of many ecu's for sale lately and a (ALSO) rs1800 ecu has come up and I have been informed it is pre/external pats so I can keep everything as normal? Correct me if I am wrong.


If it will run well on it but not ideal, I don't mind to much unless its not advised by anyone. Reason being I will be eventually fitting gsx boddies on megasquirt or similar





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You could run any ecu you like. You just wont see full power


Unfortunately wiring an rs1800 ecu is a bit more difficult than you would think. They will require pin changeds and external pats is a bit of a bitch if you currently have internal pats


If it was me and i knew it was only going to be for a week or so......run the new engine on the original ecu fitted to the car


It will run fine on even a 1.6 ecu. But if anything would probs feel slower than the original 1.6 engine. You wont damage anything though unless youre revving it hard all the time. In which case you would be running it lean which isnt cool


Pre pats 2.0l ecus ate very very easy to wire in but they are becoming harder to get hold of these days

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