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Mid spec to high spec fuse box swap issues


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Hi everyone,

Having some issues swapping fuse boxes in my 1998 td van.


My van has a hacked interior loom and a 1998 aab mid spec fuse box.

I have a complete mint interior loom and 1998 bc fuse box to fit from a escort estate td. Hopefully these codes are right the one on my new box is very faded so I read the code off the top and bc is the last two digits I believe distinguishing box number?


Anyway, fuse box and interior loom fit in the van no issue with many spare bits for me to plug into however nothing works..... Well... Things work as follows:


1: Heater is on straight away with ignition and won't change speed. It's a none aircon van but aircon plug I assumed the main terminals would be ok, anyone help in this area, do I just fit aircon switch?


2: hazard lights make all dash lights flash on and off when it's turned off, turned on and nothing lights up.


3: no ignition past accessories.


4: no lights on stalk show.


5: running out of hair to pull out.


Only thing I have done to this new interior loom that's no longer standard is remove the airbag wiring, this is 5 wires from 1 plug (the one vertical down the left hand side) and 1 from another (horizontal along bottom left of box) on the interior loom if I remember rightly that's the amount anyway.

Reason being the van has an aftermarket momo wheel with no bag and Seats from another manufacturer fitted so airbag items won't work anyway.


Hopefully someone can help me with what I'm missing, unsure what I've done wrong.

Many thanks.

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I am not an expert but think that you have to probably get the Escort Van TD (non turbo version may be the same) fuse box as the estate one may have different connections (ABS, central locking, elec windows etc) to it being a car and not the van. I have a TD van also but a 2002 model so this may have the better fusebox in it but I have not had a look at most of the electrics on it as yet. Have you tried pulling fuses to see if the van still operates as it should where otherwise you wont rely on those fuses?


On another note, I have a problem with the interior light not turning on with the switch on it but works when the doors open even though I changed the light assembly???? This is minor so will look further during the summer months.

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Hi mate,

Thanks for the reply!


The plan was to fit the HIGH level fuse box as it's called along with all the upgraded goodies. I got everything out of the estate as it had a high level box. The only loom I didn't change in the swap was the rear and engine loom.

The ancillaries when plugged in all matched colour wise to the old loom just didn't work properly.


The interior light thing I have nothing working with it. It the original loom is that hacked it's not worth me investigating. With yours there should be 3 wires. Switch live from doors a permanent live for switch on light and earth. Sounds like you've lost the live.


I really don't want to be paying an auto elec to fix my wiring issues. Being so hands on with anything mechanical I don't think I have it in me :(


I've googled this and did find one other chap mention he had the same issue as me but no one actually gave any answers just suggested bits and bobs and he never replied if he fixed the issue.

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