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Escort 55 van diesel to cvh petrol


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Hi guys,


First post, need a little help.


Basically me and a friend got a cheap 55 van with a bit of rust, fancying a project, we decided to convert it to a 1.6 cvh running carbs,


Now, the engine is in (after a day of rude language and cuts)


Now, obviously the PATS system has kicked off, so we have put the starter on a switch and plumbed in an inline fuel pump (low psi) which is running fine after some modifications...


Now, the only issue we are having (at the moment) is with the spark, we put a coil (cannisters type) on and it blew the 30amp fuse it was running through,


Anyone have any ideas on how to wire up the coil to get spark? Currently have alot of wires running around and confused which are which from the ignition module (green, black, brown)


Any ideas?



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