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which td engine help


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hi all

i am looking to diesel an old ford Anglia (basically its a mk1 escort)

its been ages since i have messed round with old escort diesel engine and cant remember which is the best engine to start with.

is say 160 bhp mark easy to achieve, from what i can gather the td with intercooler is best , but i have read some conflicting reports so was wondering who has done what and how :thumb:

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Hook an endura td out of a mk1 mondeo


No electrics ro fsnny about with then


90bhp to start. With a few choice mods i cant see why 120bhp wouldnt be fairly easily achievable

cheers scottybo just mk1 mondys are getting hard to find now , was thinking get a late esc td with intercooler and am I wright in thinking I can swap the three wire fuel solenoid for a single wire solenoid to do away with the ecu ?(

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