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Need Some Help With The GTI


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Hi All,

I'm in need of some major help, Ive got a beautiful 1.8 GTI and I'm getting all of the welding that needs doing on the MOT in march that's going to cost me £450 but I need some help with the Mechanical upgrades, as the Escort is becoming a classic car now its getting harder to find conversion kits :(. But I'm thinking of putting the RS2000 Front calipers on my GTI, Now I also have ABS and I'm sure I can convert the rear drums to discs with a conversion kit but I don't know if I can using a conversion kit because I have ABS or do I have to do the long hunt for a RS2000 rear beam.

Now down to the one issue on the front that I think I've got covered but just making sure, my front wheels camber is badly out on both wheels they both tilt inwards and when I'm driving the car steering wheel will be to the left slightly then she will jolt me to the left and the steering wheel is straight again, It feels to me after inspection to be the track rod end so im just replacing the Anti roll bar linkage, lower arms and track rod ends just because I can :D.

A quick summary:-

Where can I get a rear drum to disc conversion kit (full kit).

Where can I get RS2000 calipers and is there anything else they need.

Is there any other mods recommend for the GTI she's a 1.8 and she's having a engine overhaul soon :)

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depending on what wheels you are running, i wouldn't bother with the rs brakes, as theres only 20mm difference on the discs, sport ka calipers are the same size, i would either go with mondeo v6 front brakes or if you are usinf 16 inch wheels or bigger mk3 mondeo calipers and st170 300mm discs, for the rear mk1 focus rear discs go on and you might be able to get the abs to work, as far as i know there was no rear discs on the mk6 rs2000 with abs.


engine mods is down to how much you want to spend, as you can go crazy or just keep the cost down, cams and head work help alot, but then you are restricted by the inlet manifold.

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I'm currently running the standard 15inch GTI alloys well I'm pretty sure they are 15inch so it would look like i need these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-MONDEO-MK3-FRONT-BRAKE-CALIPERS-CARRIERS-PAIR-2001-2007-/282292291966?fits=Model%3AMondeo%7CCars+Type%3A2.5+V6+24V&hash=item41b9ee897e:g:xBQAAOSwl9BWHMAT. Also putting the mondeo brakes on they can be a bit of a pain cant they :D

Would i need to change the rear beam though to put the the MK1 discs on or are there adapters?


The engine is going to have a complete rebuild soon as well as the gearbox all with uprated parts :)

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weve got some mondeo 16s for sale as well as a 300mm front brake setup if youre interested

I really should keep an eye on the forums :D how much was you looking for them mate.

if you need more pics, we'll be doing more work on it soon, so i'll take loads of pics of what was done.


where abouts are you? as if you're not to far away, i might be able to help, if you need it.

I'm in Sittingbourne mate, I've had to put this on hold though, It looks like my head gasket has just blown badly and taken a tappet with it, just my luck and had a slight accident so now I need to fix the rear bumper and exhaust :(. Don't suppose if you know if the 1.8 Zetec E is hydraulic tappets or lifters do you?

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yes they will fit fine, if you come and collect, you can take the wheels and the calipers for 80 quid


we will also have a few other zetec bits for sale soon once the 1800 is out of mine

Wicked mate, I'm down that way normally with the van. Let me get the escort working properly and ill get back to you :)

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