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Displaying pictures tutorial


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Goto Evo-Host.co.uk and upload your photo(s)



Copy the text between [IMG] and [/IMG]



When making your post/thread click the insert image button rte-image-button.png


Then paste or type in the path to your image.



Now click the OK button and you should see your image appear in the window (using RTE) or text with the STE.




Now click on the Add Reply and your picture will appear on the post, you can also add text into the same post.


In order to post your own photos you need some webspcae to "host" the photo on. Evo-Host is provided by EscortEvolution as a means to upload photo's for hosting, the pictures will be deleted AFTER they have not been VIEWED for 40days.


There are also alternative websites to use, or you can use your own webhosting

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